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You won’t find the same results from every landscaper. But how do you distinguish a good landscape maintenance contractor from an inferior landscaping company? How do you find what you really want?


Often folks start first by looking at price which is totally understandable, especially in today’s uncertain economic times, but what do you get for your money? That’s a crucial question!


To be fair there are many wonderful companies out there, small and large—and everywhere in between. But you will find some tendencies. Just below you will find an overview which may prove helpful. If you are considering hiring an owner operator, that section could prove invaluable.


Planning Your Landscape

Every landscape requires planning, whether a full landscape design or a simple concept in your mind. When you do significant landscaping, be sure to include adequate landscaping design. We can help whether you need just simple suggestions or a complete scale drawing complete with a plant list.

A brief overview of our company

We are a small, family owned and operated landscaping company in Howell, Michigan, which began operation in 1979. Over the years we have extensively refined both our service offerings and how we provide that service.

You will find us personable and easy to work with. Additionally, we are easy to contact. We try to answer every call but if we can't for any reason (operating equipment, etc) please leave a message and we will return your call promptly.


What is a landscape design?

Simply stated a landscape design is just a plan. It may be simple or complex.

At a minimum the main elements of the landscape must be sketched out. This includes things such as shape and size of home and other structures, lawn areas, drives and walkways, shrub planting areas, water features, etc.

Commonly a more detailed sketch works well for even more involved landscapes—especially if the designer installs the design. We do this commonly as it works well and minimizes expense.

A complete scale drawing works well on more complex and detailed landscapes. You may prefer this choice since  it gives you a better understanding of the final result.

A detailed plant list really helps, since it allows you to look up each plant online to see what they look like and to review their characteristics.


Do I need a professional to do the design?

If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer and know something about plants and what you like, you can do it yourself. Even then bouncing your thoughts off a professional can improve your end result dramatically. 

But if you are not so artistic and don’t know where to start, well, that’s a good time to look for professional help.


Do I need a landscape architect?

Typically, no. If issues regarding soil stability come into play, then yes. For example, adding or cutting away soil on slopes would be a candidate for soil engineering, as would a taller retaining wall.


How much does it cost?

There is no simple answer to this question and we would be misleading you if we gave you a "one price fits all" quote. The best way is to give us a call and let us work with you to achieve the look and feel you want.


What happens if I don’t plan well?

In a word—chaos. Unfortunately we see this all the time. You may end up with something you really don’t like. All your hard-earned money and effort expended in vain.

It’s so easy to avoid. Please ask us for help. Even just a few simple suggestion can go a long ways.


Our design philosophy

We understand that the landscape you choose will be with you for many years to come. Thus, you really must get what you want. We work to accomplish this end.


We will work closely with you, learning your wants and needs. Then we will design to satisfy those needs and desires.

As much as possible we take a naturalistic approach to landscaping. We try to make the landscape blend into the surrounding environment and we use quality materials, whether plants or general construction materials.


Outdoor living spaces

Plan outdoor spaces similar to indoor spaces. If you like to spend time in the out of doors, you could find this to make your landscape one of the most enjoyable parts of your home.

Sustainability in your landscape

If sustainability issues concern you, you really must look carefully during the design phase of your landscape project. The following issues will be of great concern.

Plant material selection

Watering needs

Fertility needs

Sand/clay soil

Shade or full sun

Some of our work...